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Management Information MI 213/09 Feedback
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31/10/2009 Jo North 01603-638282
To All Headteachers and Governors
Title Consultation on the Re-Tender of the School Management Information System (MIS)
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Norfolk Self Review 6. Leadership and Management
To be completed by 13/11/2009

Consultation on the Re-Tender of the School Management Information System (MIS)

The County Council's Contract with Pearson-Phoenix for the e1 Management Information System terminates next year. In order to comply with EU Procurement Regulations the Local Authority is bound to advertise to potential suppliers inviting them to competitively tender for the Contract.

Children's Services are also consulting stakeholders on a new ICT and E Learning Strategy. This exercise will cover key decisions on the provision of data services which includes the Management Information System and Learning Platforms. This consultation will take place during October and November.

In order to meet the timescales for the procurement of the MIS we need to establish the project team now. Our approach will be to follow the same model used for the Secondary Learning Platform procurement which successfully involved stakeholders during key stages of the project.

We are looking for school-based representatives to contribute towards the Statement of Requirements and the evaluation of the short-listed suppliers from the following areas:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Special Schools
  • PRU's
  • Colleges and Sixth Forms
  • Other 14-19 learning establishments

    and would require 2-3 representatives with the following roles:

  • Assessment Managers
  • School Data Managers
  • School leaders responsible for MIS
  • Heads
  • Network Managers
  • School administrative staff
  • Governors
  • SENCO's

    Representatives would have to be prepared to commit to:

  • Contributing towards, compiling and reviewing the Statement of Requirements (SoR).
    Approximately 1 day.
    Timescale: November and December 2009.
  • Evaluation - Conducting an assessment of vendor presentations, product demonstrations and reference site visits.
    This would take approximately 3-4 days depending on the number of short-listed tenderers.
    Timescale: Approximately February and March 2010.

    Supply cover will be paid for where necessary.

    If you would like to take part or require further information please contact Jo North on 01603 638282 or by email.